About the People's Party of Canada

We are: A Fresh, New Party

Free of baggage, flexible and original: talking about problems the other parties have created and now won't admit. 

We promise: No Pandering, No Political Correctness

Special interests - local, national, or international - should not control Canadian politics or shape Canadian law.

We believe: Canadian Culture is Worth Defending

Canada's freedoms cannot be taken for granted. The most equal and tolerant society in the world, and the fairest system of laws, won't survive on hope alone. 

Full People's Party of Canada Platform

Be The Protest vote

DO Politics Differently

WE ARE NOT making extravagant promises to buy votes, and then rigidly controlling MPs to vote in accordance with them. 

An UnWhipped Caucus

Maxime has four core principles around which People's Party MPs can have free debates and freedom to vote: freedom, responsibility, fairness, respect.

The Fifth Ingredient: Courage!

Free discussions take guts. Some things, people are afraid to talk about. Others, they only dare to express one opinion. We believe abortion, immigration,  climate fear-mongering, and other contentious topics deserve open air.

Donations and Volunteering


Donations and volunteers will determine our success in Vancouver East

Help us get the word out with flyers, signs, and ads, or contact us to volunteer

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Make cheque payable to  Vancouver East - PPC Association

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P.O. Box 88562 Chinatown,

Vancouver, BC V6A 4A7

Elections Canada allows cash donations:

up to $20 to be accepted in person

To Contact Us:

Jeremy Gustafson, Official Agent: 604-970-2537

Karin Litzcke, Candidate: 604-837-4792


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Our party is building from the ground up to disrupt the entrenched parties. Your support is needed to renew Canadian democracy!

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About Maxime Bernier and the People's Party of Canada

Great quotes

John Holt

"Today freedom has different enemies. It must be fought for in different ways. It will require different qualities of mind and heart to save it."

Frank Zappa

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open.” 

Jane Jacobs


"The other threat to the security of our tradition, I believe, lies at home. It is the current fear of radical ideas and of people who propound them. I do not agree with the extremists of either the left or the right, but I think they should be allowed to speak and to publish, both because they themselves have, and ought to have, rights, and once their rights are gone, the rights of the rest of us are hardly safe. Extremists typically want to squash not only those who disagree with them diametrically, but those who disagree with them at all. It seems to me that in every country where extremists of the left have gotten sufficiently in the saddle to squash the extremists of the right, they have ridden on to squash the center or terrorize it also. And the same goes for extremists of the right. I do not want that to happen in our country."

Magdalen Berns

"It's not hate to defend your rights and it's not hate to speak the truth."

Jordan Peterson

“I happen to be a big fan of Western civilization; I think it beats the hell out of tyranny and starvation.”


"Outrage is a poison YOU’RE drinking, hoping the other person gets sick."